We are committed to robust environmental principles to underpin all of our mining and exploration activities.
We aim to exceed all environmental laws and regulations, with environmental management a corporate priority for AMR.

Environmental Principles

  • As a minimum meet all applicable environmental laws and regulations and, in jurisdictions where these are absent or inadequate, apply cost-effective management practices to advance environmental protection and to minimise environmental risks.
  • Make environmental management a corporate priority and the integration of environmental policies, programs and practices a key element of management.
  • Provide adequate resources, staff and requisite training so that employees at all levels are able to fulfil their environmental responsibilities.
  • Review and take account of the environmental effects of each activity, whether exploration, mining or processing, and plan and conduct the design, development, operation, and closure of any facility in a manner that optimises the economic use of resources while reducing adverse environmental effects.
  • Employ risk management strategies in design, operation and decommissioning, including the handling and disposal of waste.
  • Conduct regular environmental reviews or assessments and act on the results.
  • Develop, maintain and test emergency procedures in conjunction with the providers of emergency services, relevant authorities and local communities.
  • Work with governments and other relevant parties in developing scientifically sound, economic and equitable environmental standards and procedures, based on reliable and predictable criteria.
  • Support research to expand scientific knowledge and develop improved technologies to protect the environment, promote the international transfer of technologies that mitigate adverse environmental effects, and use technologies and practices which take due account of local cultures and customs and economic and environmental needs. 

Health and Safety

 At AMR we believe the safety and health of our people is of prime importance and a fundamental and ongoing requirement of doing business. We have developed "Safe Ban Phuc"  -our rigid health and safety system used to promote, educate and involve everybody in safety.

Safe Ban PhuC aims to ensure the risk of injury is minimised by:

  • Communicating to everyone on site the underlying principle of the Safe Ban Phuc philosophy and that "all accidents are preventable".
  • Providing appropriate health and safety information, training and competency testing.
  • Seeking our employees' input to safety standards and procedures, inspections, audits and meetings.
  • Ensuring Ban Phuc meets all legal requirements as a minimum and goes beyond those requirements where necessary to achieve a safe, productive and healthy work place.
  • Learning from safety incidents to ensure no recurrence.

The key to "Safe Ban Phuc" is the total involvement and participation of everyone on site. We want Ban Phuc to be a safe place to work. We are all accountable for participating in all aspects of our safety system. Our positive example will influence others to better health and safety practices. On a daily basis, we will work to:

  • Identify and control hazards;
  • Reinforce and encourage safe behaviours; and
  • Improve our own safety performance and that of our colleagues.

Any person on site has the authority to STOP any work if it is unsafe.

Safety is much more than just a business issue, it is about "living safely" everywhere, not just at work. Safe Ban Phuc can assist our families and us in dealing with hazards, whether in the workplace or at home, by increasing our safety awareness