Asian Mineral Resources is one of the most successful western mining companies operating in Vietnam today, due to our approach of building strong in-country relationships and supporting the community, regional and national governments. Key elements of this approach include:

  • Strong local employment and procurement policies.
  • Over 92% local Vietnamese workforce. Dedicated training programs focused on up-skilling workforce.
  • Key infrastructure support, including: roads, communal spaces, a suspension bridge and technical assistance.
  • Local business development in collaboration with Canadian and Australian Embassies.
  • Ban Phuc well supported by Central and Provincial Government officials.
  • National government has highlighted importance of Ban Phuc, as the country’s first nickel mine, as well as continued development of the nickel industry in Vietnam.

As part of working with the community, we strive to:

  • Respect the cultures, customs and values of individuals and groups whose livelihoods may be affected by exploration, mining and processing.
  • Recognise local communities as stakeholders and engage with them in an effective process of consultation and communication.
  • Contribute to and participate in the social, economic and institutional development of the communities where operations are located and mitigate adverse effects in these communities to the greatest practical extent.
  • Respect the authority of national and regional governments and integrate activities with their development objectives.

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