Building Vietnam’s Nickel District

AMR has firmly established itself as a low cost, high-grade nickel sulphide producer. With nearly two years of on-spec production and strong cash generation, together with excellent near-mine and regional exploration potential, we believe that our Ban Phuc mine and processing centre has the potential to spearhead Vietnam’s first nickel district. Watch our corporate video to get a feel for the AMR team and its operations.

Vietnam Markets Set to Open Up to Investors

“TPP”, “EVFTA” and “AEC”. You may not have heard of them but they are expected to have a considerable, some might say major, impact on Vietnam as an investor environment. Let me go into some detail, starting with the TPP.

How to Succeed as a Mining Company in Vietnam

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, Vietnam is host to considerable mineral wealth, whether it’s nickel, copper, zinc, iron, titanium, oil and gas. Now that that government is starting to modernise the country’s mining industry, we’ve begun to notice increased interest in this region from the international mining community.

Fast, Efficient and Safe

Each month we send out a detailed internal newsletter. When you’re running a mine and a high-capacity processing facility, not to mention an advanced exploration program, you end up with a workforce that is spread across multiple departments.

Ban Phuc Nickel Mine - Asian Mineral Resources Cash Generating Platform

In case you missed one of our last 2014 press releases, we appointed a new general manager, Tim Ashworth, to run the Ban Phuc operations. This is an important position with any company but all the more so for AMR. We’ve spent the last 10 years developing the mine and processing centre into a powerful cash-generating platform and now that it is well-established, we can launch a number of growth initiatives.

AMR – High-Grade Nickel, Sustained Cash Generation, Strong Expansion Potential

Thanks to our high-grade nickel mine and high-capacity processing centre, Asian Mineral Resources has made sixteen shipments of nickel-copper-cobalt concentrate over the past twelve months. That’s a full year of strong, sustained cash generation from one of the world’s few new sources of nickel production. We are ahead of schedule, have minimized our costs and each shipment of concentrate has been made on spec.