Asian Mineral Resources Limited (“AMR”) was initially established to develop mining opportunities in Vietnam.

Over the past decade, AMR has focused on developing the Ban Phuc Project Area, a massive sulphide nickel resource located 160km west of Hanoi in Son La Province, in northwestern Vietnam.

More recently, AMR has shifted focus towards appraisal and development of oil fields in West Africa.

2020 - Completed the acquisition of economic interest in the Oza Oil Field in the Niger Delta Region (Abia State) of Nigeria.

2018 - Completed the divestiture of its 90% interest in the Ban Phuc Nickel Mine in Vietnam. The Company entered into an option agreement with Island Time Exploration Limited (“Island Time”) for the right to acquire up to 75% interest in four mineral titles whose primary focus is volcanogenic polymetallic massive sulphides.

2016 - Milled 254,328 tonnes of ore to produced 4,272 tonnes of nickel and 2,051 tonnes of copper contained metal in concentrate. The Ban Phuc mine moved into care and maintenance status in October 2016.

2015 - Completed capital development and tailing dam construction. Milled 447,746 tonnes of ore to produce 8,607 tonnes of nickel and 4,011 tonnes of copper contained metal in concentrate.

2013 - AMR opens Vietnam’s first nickel mine.